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Request for Auction Artists

The most anticipated aspect of our auction is always the artwork!

It is at the heart of our event and most certainly the one thing we offer that can’t be imitated. People begin their collections and for one evening get an opportunity they may not otherwise have to bid on original art.  The event creates excitement and possibilities for donors and participants.

Our partnership with our area artists is vital, and your support allows our mission to make the arts accessible to everyone in our community attainable.  Please consider a significant donation of
original artwork to support the ongoing mission.

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- Win your choice of a live auction item for only $100
- A limited number of 100 tickets will be sold
- A ticket will be drawn at 8:30 p.m. November 9th and the lucky winner will receive first choice of ANY item from the Live Auction  
- You DO NOT have to be present to win, but must be by your phone at 8:30 to choose item
If the person drawn is not present, available by phone, or specified choice PRIOR to auction, another ticket is drawn